Structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, railroads, bridges and airports

Consulting Division

The Roadscanners consulting division is responsible for conducting traffic infrastructure and geophysical surveys and providing consulting and training in the implementation of GPR and other NDT technology. The company also participates in projects where pavement management systems for road networks are implemented. Lately, the company has worked in two such projects, sponsored by the World Bank, in Bulgaria and in Azerbaijan.

The Consulting division also provides research and development services to organizations such as the European Union, where our most important projects so far have been the ROADEX projects with focus on low traffic volume road condition management in cold climate areas. Other bigger international R&D projects in which the company is participating are the SHRP2 (Strategic Highway Research 2) project in the U.S.A. and the MaraNord and Barents Low volume Road Management projects. The Consulting division also has a critical role in testing the company’s software products as well as innovating new features. The Consulting crew is also responsible to introduce and demonstrate Roadscanners software and hardware products for pilot projects in different countries.

Roadscanners is involved in developing an inspection method for railway material parameters such as ballast fouling, frost susceptibility potential and moisture condition of granular layers. Most of the R&D work has been done in co-operation with the Finnish Transport Agency and the Tampere University of Technology. Other research partners in railway projects have been HyGround Engineering in the U.S.A., EBER Dynamics in Sweden, Federal Railroad Administration and TTCI in the U.S.A., the University of Alberta in Canada, The University of Pretoria in South Africa and the National Technical University of Athens in Greece.

Software Division

The Software division develops software for traffic infrastructure diagnostics, rehabilitation design and management and GPR data processing and interpretation for geo and environmental surveys (Road Doctor®). One of the greatest advantages of Roadscanners software products is that they are not commercially tied to any road or railway survey instruments or software systems. Road Doctor® software, especially, has become a recognized brand in the field of infrastructure surveys throughout the World. The primary customers of the Software branch are the same as those of the Consulting division. In addition, contractors and consultants using GPR technology account for a large number of customers.

Hardware Division

Roadscanners’ key product in the hardware division is the Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV) – a high tech high class non-destructive survey system. The RDSV has been designed for road condition data collection and analysis tailored to the customer’s needs.
Either a Roadscanners van or the client’s own van can be equipped with following plug and play survey system packages and corresponding software:

The Road Doctor® plug and play hardware system packages are also available separately.
Roadscanners is a distributor of 3D-Radar A/S (Norway), GSSI (USA) and IDS (Italy) GPR systems.
Roadscanners is the worldwide distributor for Percometer and Percostation products which are designed and manufactured by Adek Ltd.