Road Doctor ® Laser Scanner Package

Get detailed information concerning road surface properties

RDLS 3d radar Sco1RDLS package offers cost effective 2D laser scanning, roughness and visual pavement distress surveys and integrated data analysis of roads and streets.

RDLS is comprised of Roadscanners’ Road Doctor® CamLink system along with integrated laser scanner and 3D accelerometer. RDLS system facilitates modelling of the road surface and its surroundings.

The Road Doctor surface analysis module is used to process and transfer data from the RDSV laser scanner and 3D accelerometer.

The Road Doctor surface analysis module can be used to combine and analyse all of the collected data in a single view. RD software is utilised to prepare maps, statistics and maintenance plans based on the diagnostics results.

RDLS components:

  • Laser Scanner
  • Roof Mounting System
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • CamLink Camera Enclosure
  • GigE Connected Industrial Camera
  • High Quality IMU Capable GPS
  • Distance Measurement Instrument, DMI
  • Modified Industrial Computer
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Transit and Storage Case
  • Mounting Kit System
  • Microphone
  • Road Doctor Software Products

laser image 1



RDLS system provides detailed information concerning road problems: