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Roadscanners markets and sells Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. (GSSI) produced GPR equipment manufactured in the USA.

Roadscanners provides services to customers and helps them to find the most appropriate equipment package and also provides advice concerning the acquisition of GPS and video capturing devices to complete the survey system.

By agreement Roadscanners can also install the equipment on the customers vehicle and  provide a 2-3 day user training course.

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) is the world’s leadeding manufacturer of ground penetrating radar. With cutting-edge products designed to address a wide range of challenging applications, the GSSI name is synonymous with unsurpassed data quality and field-proven reliability.

GSSI introduced the first commercial ground penetrating radar system in 1974. For nearly 40 years, GSSI has led with a series of “firsts” including the first digital storage GPR system, the first commercially available GPR data post-processing software package and the first GPR system designed specifically to produce high resolution images in scanned concrete.

Today, GSSI offers the industry’s broadest range of ground penetrating radar solutions – covering a range of applications from archaeology, geology and environmental, utility detection, concrete inspection and bridge and road condition assessment.

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