Established in 1998, Roadscanners is specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure condition monitoring and management. Roadscanners provides consulting services, hardware systems and software.

The main focus of the Roadscanners’ activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, railroads, bridges and airports. Roadscanners uses the monitoring and analysis results to produce precise and economically sustainable rehabilitation designs and plans. The key to this process is Roadscanners’ developments and expertise in high tech non-destructive survey equipment. We use a combination of ground penetrating radar, laser scanner, accelerometer, HD and thermal camera linked together with GPS to make a complete picture of the infrastructure.

Roadscanners’ main office is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. The company also has consulting offices in Tampere and Helsinki Finland. Currently, the group also has four subsidiaries, Roadscanners Sweden AB, located in Borlänge, Sweden, Roadscanners Central Europe s.r.o, located in Prague, Czech Republic, Roadscanners Norway AS in Narvik, Norway and Roadscanners USA Inc., Massachusetts, USA.

Services and Products Provided by Roadscanners

  • 2D and 3D GPR Surveys
  • Road Diagnostics and Design
  • Railroad Surveys
  • Bridge Surveys
  • Forest and Private Road Surveys
  • Laser Scanning Services
  • Thermal Camera Surveys
  • Road Management System (RMS)
  • Seasonal Change Management
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Software
  • Hardware

Roadscanners around the globe

In addition to its current main market areas of Finland, Sweden and U.S.A., the company has also had consulting projects in France, Canada, Australia, U.K., South-Africa, Israel, Greece, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Azerbaijan. Roadscanners has sold software products in Europe, Canada, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Roadscanners instruments and GPR turnkey packages have been used as far south as Antarctica and as far north as Spitzbergen and everywhere in between from Amarillo to Shanghai.

Blue areas show country’s where Roadscanners has worked at.